February 02, 2015

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Boutique Store, M. Fredric Carries Malibu Surfboards


>>>Shop Local. Support Locals<<<

WE' RE super excited to announce the arrival of our spring 2015 collection in M. Fredric stores in Malibu, Westlake and Calabasas!  Thank you to everyone who continues to support our local brand.   

M. Fredric, a boutique retail store carrying contemporary fashion for men, women and kids has successfully established itself as a premiere store throughout southern California over the last 30 years. A company who supports local brands, we're thrilled to be apart of their team of brands. 

Like what you see and not in the local area? We ship throughout the U.S. and internationally. Available online, shop our supremely soft t-shirts, casual fit sweatpants, and our popular signature hats! 







Introducing: Shannon Quirk



We are thrilled to have the incredibly talented sports journalist, Shannon Quirk as a sponsored representative for Malibu Surfboards! Shannon has her pulse on the surf scene. As one of the co-founders of the Surf Channel, she has paved the way for female reporters in action sports, covering Mavericks to Billabong Pipe Masters surfing events.

Traveling all around the globe, Shannon has interviewed some of the most prominent surfers in the world, from Kelly Slater to Gabriel Medina, the new World Champion of the WTC World Title.  

We’re super excited to have Shannon represent Malibu Surfboards, on and off camera. Check her out in the coming days, reporting on big wave surfers at the anticipated Pe’ahi (Jaws) as part of the Associated of Surfing Professionals (ASPs) Big Wave world tour in Maui!

Instagram @shannonreporting | 


For more about Shannon, check out her story, Beyond the Swell, produced by Free Souls. 




December 27, 2014

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Surf is a universal sport loved by many around the globe.  My Africa Is, a documentary series that explores the African continent shares with its audience the rapidly growing popularity for surf in the city of Dakar, Senegal – a West African country with Francophone roots. 

The series explored the surf culture in the coastal city, interviewing local surfers and the owners behind the Malika Surf Camp.  My Africa Is discovered that the bountiful coastal beaches boast incredible surf for locals and tourists, making it the next destination to visit in Africa. 

Featured in surf and global publications, such as Drift Surfing, SurfersVillage TV, and Tracks Magazine to name a few, this documentary series does a remarkable job showcasing the positive influence the sport has amongst surf aficionados in Senegal. Click the video to watch the short documentary.  



As part of our blog series, Saturdays are dedicated to #SurfSaturdays.   We love the beach. We love surfing. And, we love to share our hidden gems in Malibu and around the globe! 

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December 17, 2014

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The New Year brings forth special announcements.

Ours: debuting our new clothing line of premium basics at Agenda Show!


We are absolutely ready and excited to share what we’ve exclusively designed for 2015, adding even more premium touches to our clothing line with a hint of cutting-edge finishes.


Taking place immediately after the new year, the exclusive tradeshow is where the top brands in skate, surf and lifestyle come together to showcase their latest. The two-day event will be held on January 5 & 6 at the Long Beach Convention Center, and will host the top retailers from around the U.S., such as TopMan,, Nordstrom, and more.


As the holiday season is nearing, we have been working diligently to finalize the finishing touches on our new clothing line. We’ll be sharing with everyone what we’ve beautifully crafted very soon.


Stay tuned!





December 16, 2014

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Locally Spotted: MaliBU Beach House Carries Malibu Surfboards



We’re excited to announce:  the home design store, MaliBu Beach House is now carrying our signature Heathered French Terry hoodies and supremely soft t-shirts for men and women! Nestled in the Malibu Country Mart, the store draws inspiration from California’s quintessential gems, and is adorned with vintage-inspired furniture, handcrafted pieces, and more.

The customized longboard that is posted inside their retail store was exclusively made by our very own surf shaper, Terry Hale. Drawing inspiration from the store’s signature of blue color tones, the vintage-inspired longboard made its debut last Thursday at MaliBU Beach House’s annual holiday event – and was well-liked amongst their holiday guests. 

A homegrown store, we’re thrilled to be apart of MaliBU Beach House’s business, which shares our same vision of supporting Malibu locals and promoting sustainable ventures.      


December 13, 2014

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Everyone waits last minute for holiday shopping - or at least many of us do.  Don't fret.  We've got you covered to  save on last minute gifts.  From today until Christmas 24, we're offering 20% off all in-store and online apparel and accessories for men and women.  Yes, in-store, too!


That means, if you're driving along PCH, want to enjoy some holiday shopping with scenic California views, and save - you can easily do that in a one-stop shop.  


Our flagship store is adorned with custom surfboards and our premium collection of eco-friendly basics.  Our Heathered French Terry cloth hoodie is not only our signature piece, but it makes a great layer hoodie for year-round weather - wherever you may be.  Either way, our basics are supremely soft and made with 90% Supima cotton and 10% modal fabric.  After a couple of washes, you'll be grateful that your favorite basic tee is still in the same shape as you purchased it.   


USE PROMO CODE at checkout: LASTMINUTE to receive 20% off your entire purchase 


Happy Holidays, everyone!  

New website launch, promotional deals, and much more to share!

Over the past months, a lot of exciting events have taken place at Malibu Surfboards.

First, we opened a retail shop on the historic Malibu Pier. The second floor location has sweeping views of the coastline and Santa Monica Mountains. Locals have really seemed to enjoy it, and even PCH bound visitors, have stopped by, shopped and enjoyed our back porch to admire Malibu’s natural gems.  We're super excited to have this space since it really showcases Malibu's finest.  We also have awesome neighbors to share the pier with, including Malibu Pier Restaurant and Bar and Malibu Farm - to name a few!  




         [inside of our retail shop]                  [view of our porch]            

Secondly, we have launched our new website! We are beyond thrilled to show our passion for Malibu Surfboards by connecting our audience with a site that expresses authenticity and passion to use premium and sustainable fabrics in our clothing collection for men and women, and design custom surfboards – both longboard and shortboard – with precision and expertise from co-owner and surf shaper, Terry Hale.  


                       [view from our back porch with custom surfboards lined up]  


Lastly, stay tuned! In a short amount of time, we’ll be debuting our winter clothing collection online and in our Malibu retail store. Many of the pieces are going to feature deep colored hues and cozy appeal, perfect to gift for the holiday season.


As part of our website unveiling and customer appreciation, we’re offering customers 10% off their online purchase. Join our mailing list and start selecting staple pieces for your winter look!