Locally Spotted: MaliBU Beach House Carries Malibu Surfboards



We’re excited to announce:  the home design store, MaliBu Beach House is now carrying our signature Heathered French Terry hoodies and supremely soft t-shirts for men and women! Nestled in the Malibu Country Mart, the store draws inspiration from California’s quintessential gems, and is adorned with vintage-inspired furniture, handcrafted pieces, and more.

The customized longboard that is posted inside their retail store was exclusively made by our very own surf shaper, Terry Hale. Drawing inspiration from the store’s signature of blue color tones, the vintage-inspired longboard made its debut last Thursday at MaliBU Beach House’s annual holiday event – and was well-liked amongst their holiday guests. 

A homegrown store, we’re thrilled to be apart of MaliBU Beach House’s business, which shares our same vision of supporting Malibu locals and promoting sustainable ventures.      


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