The New Year brings forth special announcements.

Ours: debuting our new clothing line of premium basics at Agenda Show!


We are absolutely ready and excited to share what we’ve exclusively designed for 2015, adding even more premium touches to our clothing line with a hint of cutting-edge finishes.


Taking place immediately after the new year, the exclusive tradeshow is where the top brands in skate, surf and lifestyle come together to showcase their latest. The two-day event will be held on January 5 & 6 at the Long Beach Convention Center, and will host the top retailers from around the U.S., such as TopMan, Asos.com, Nordstrom, and more.


As the holiday season is nearing, we have been working diligently to finalize the finishing touches on our new clothing line. We’ll be sharing with everyone what we’ve beautifully crafted very soon.


Stay tuned!





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