A C T I V E Wear, A C T I V E Lifestyle


Your New Year’s agenda to practice a healthier lifestyle is kicked into high gear.

Gym? Check.

Outdoor workout adventures? Check.

Long lasting active wear? Not so much.

Yes, long lasting wear is important when you’re practicing a new fitness regimen – especially if it means that you can simply grab those go to pants that you can wash time and time again without losing their quality, color and durability.   Whether you started a new yoga class, joined a morning hiking group, or began evening runs after work, our new straight leg sweatpants for men and women are supremely comfortable, pre-washed and pre-softened for a lived in feel. We’ve designed sweatpants that ditch the old school baggy sweatpants look by adding a French Terry fabric for a breathable and flattering fit.

And if you’re looking for a form fitting pair that you want to power through your workouts, our cuffed sweatpants for him and her are tapered at the bottom, designed with great functionality all while maintaining a stylish look - both in and outside of the gym. 

Go on, include a pair to your new workout regimen. 







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