Our Trucker Hat has become a popular piece around Malibu. On the contrary to popular belief, where many may think Trucker Hats are dated – they surely aren’t. Well at least ours aren’t.


With a bit of cutting edge appeal – embossed lettering in silver or gold – our selection of hats can be worn year-round. Especially if you’re looking for a casual hat to where on vacation, beach walks, or daily outings around town.


Malibu Surfside News recently featured our Trucker Hat as part of their "give the gift of local" holiday shopping guide. We’re not only thankful for featuring our hat (thank you, Malibu Surfside News), but it’s become a favorite accessory to wear among Malibu residents.


Just ask Owen Wilson, Stephen Dorff and David Spade. They seem to love them, too.


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